Our Projects

PA1 Competitiveness of SMEs
S.O. 1.1 / N. 376

Enhancement of the administrative, industrial and technical framework conditions for the development of new cross-border green market niches in Italy, Albania and Montenegro, by fostering pilot investments on NETs.

eHealth website
PA1 Competitiveness of SMEs
S.O. 1.1 / N. 356

Development of the eHealth sector, for the benefit of citizens and SMEs in the Programme area, through innovative electronic tools and procedures, efficiently addressing heart-attacks, neurodegenerative and chronic diseases.

man with tablet
PA1 Competitiveness of SMEs
S.O. 1.1 / N. 360

Development of a Quadruple-Helix strategy in the Programme area, i.e. by fostering the innovation transfer from applied research to SMEs, with the support of Policy Makers and civil society.

aerial view of green forests
PA1 Competitiveness of SMEs
S.O. 1.1 / No. 461

Promotion of innovation and competitiveness in the field of green and blue economy, with the aim to boost the creation of new business opportunities in the programme area.

painted face
PA2 Tourism & Culture
S.O. 2.2 / N. 354

Exploitation of the creative potential of the Programme area, and support to the creation of stable and efficient cross-border networks, able to produce joint innovative cultural and creative products.

Screen of a smartphone which projects 3D castle
PA2 Tourism & Culture
SO 2.1 / N. 314

Improvement of the management of cultural and natural assets inside the Programme area, also through the deployment of new 3D technology for tourist destinations.

Ancient theatre of Epidaurus. Greece.
PA2 Tourism & Culture
S0 2.2 / N. 300

Improvement of the exploitation of the rich cultural heritage inside the Programme area, through joint theatre productions, for the benefit of both tourist and local people, and for the economic development of the area.

widows, sea
PA2 Tourism & Culture
S.O. 2.2 / N. 493

Creation of an Adriatic Identity Model based on the memory awareness of communities in the programme area: abandoned and forgotten places become symbols of the lost memory of cities and citizens.