Our Projects

Ancient theatre of Epidaurus. Greece.
PA2 Tourism & Culture
S0 2.2 / N. 300

Improvement of the exploitation of the rich cultural heritage inside the Programme area, through joint theatre productions, for the benefit of both tourist and local people, and for the economic development of the area.

Salento coast
PA2 Tourism & Culture
S0 2.2 / N. 165

Increase of the cooperation among the audio and video actors, belonging to the Programme area, e.g. through joint productions, in order to better exploit the great potential of the creative industries.

Boat moored on the beach
PA2 Tourism & Culture
SO 2.1 / N. 71

Development of a cross border ecomuseum and community tourism model, in order to guarantee a sustainable growth of the coastal communities in the Programme area.

Man drawing graffiti
PA2 Tourism & Culture
S0 2.2 / N. 142

Exploitation of the creative potential of the city outskirts inside the Programme area, by involving the local communities in the development of innovative solutions for the urban regeneration.

Olive forest
PA2 Tourism & Culture
SO 2.1 / N. 127

Enhancement of the attractiveness of the territories included in the Programme area, characterised by ancient olive trees, in order to promote smart and sustainable tourism.

People photographing a landscape
PA2 Tourism & Culture
SO 2.1 / N. 299

Support for cities and villages, inside the Programme area, in the full expression of their touristic potential, by increasing promotion and visibility of their cultural assets.

Museum of orsay with sculpture: The four parts of the world
PA2 Tourism & Culture
SO 2.2 / N.176

Improvement of the management of museums inside the Programme area, between Italy, Albania and Montenegro, in order to fully exploit their cultural and touristic potential.

Man holding a road with cars in his hand
PA2 Tourism & Culture
SO 2.1 / N. 96

Promotion of “experience-based” tourism inside the Programme area and creation of a strategic “Interreg smart destination” model, by adopting collaborative and user-driven innovation tools.