Our 2014-20 Projects

Olive forest
PA2 Tourism & Culture
SO 2.1 / N. 127

Enhancement of the attractiveness of the territories included in the Programme area, characterised by ancient olive trees, in order to promote smart and sustainable tourism.

PA2 Tourism & Culture
S.O. 2.1 / N. 358

Promotion of the unique cultural and natural assets throughout the Programme area, by developing a joint web platform and innovative services for new tourist routes and, at the same time, by pushing lesser-known destinations and typical products.

PA2 Tourism & Culture
SO 2.2 / N. 448

Analysis of the popular music repertoires in the programme area, to enhance territorial peculiarities and common traditions, and investigation of people’s neurobiological response to the music covered by the project.

Rainbow, sea, beach
PA2 Tourism & Culture
S.O. 2.1 / N. 499

Enhancement of cross-border cooperation in sustainable tourism management, by valorizing cultural heritage and natural resources of less developed areas in Italy, Albania, and Montenegro.

man silhouette on bicycle
PA2 Tourism & Culture
S.O. 2.1 N. 405

Enhancement of targeted tourism sectors (enogastronomic, green, sports) and creation of a shared space between the involved actors in the Programme area, offering the opportunity to meet and exchange knowledge.

PA2 Tourism & Culture
S.O. 2.2/N.414

Creation of a Permanent Cross-border Laboratory for young artists based on an innovative model in the programme area, and development of innovative cultural formats and services.

house on the prairie
PA2 Tourism & Culture
SO 2.1/ N. 532

Creation of a quality territorial touristic offer based on rural values for family-friendly tourist hospitality in the Region of Vlora (Albania) and the Salento area in Puglia (Italy).

PA2 Tourism & Culture
S.O. 2.1 / N. 4464

Promotion of territories abundant in lakes, rivers, lagoons, and salinas through the sustainable development of the sport and adventure tourism sector in the Programme area.