Our Projects

Jeep running in the mud
PA3 Environment & Energy
S0 3.1 / N. 155

Strengthening of the capacities of the Rescue Services inside the Programme area and creation of integrated plans and tools to improve protection and risk management in case of floods and landslides.

Bird in low Adriatic Basin
PA3 Environment & Energy
S0 3.1 / N. 162

Promotion of common actions to safeguard biodiversity in the low Adriatic Basin and develop joint management plans for the cross border habitats and ecosystems.

Cityscape at night
PA3 Environment & Energy
S0 3.2 / N. 195

Increase of energy efficiency of public buildings inside the Programme area, through a network of hubs, enabling the training of building managers on energy-efficiency measures.

PA3 Environment & Energy
S0 3.1 / N. 192

Improvement of the management of the South Adriatic coasts of Italy, Albania and Montenegro, by adopting sustainable approaches in the resolution of issues related to marine litter and coastal erosion.

Yellow bicycles
PA4 Sustainable Transport
S0 4.1 / N. 44
#DynaMob 2.0

Promotion of car and bike sharing as a part of the new mobility culture inside the Programme area, thus making cities more sustainable.

Sky with a plane and a cloud
PA4 Sustainable Transport
S0 4.1 / N. 324

Improvement of transports inside the Programme area, in order to make life easier for both citizens and businesses, through new direct air links between Italy, Montenegro and Albania.

Cargo ship moored at sunset
PA4 Sustainable Transport
S0 4.1 / N. 153

Promotion of new maritime links connecting the ports of Taranto, Kotor, Bar and Durres, in order to improve the transport of passengers and good between Italy, Albania and Montenegro.

Woman drawing a circle on a map
PA4 Sustainable Transport
S0 4.1 / N. 240

Improvement of the transport routes coordination among Italy, Albania and Montenegro, for a more efficient transport network addressed to both citizens and businesses.