Our Projects

Cityscape at night
PA3 Environment & Energy
S0 3.2 / N. 195

Increase of energy efficiency of public buildings inside the Programme area, through a network of hubs, enabling the training of building managers on energy-efficiency measures.

light bulb
PA3 Environment & Energy
SO 3.2 / N. 436

Strengthening of the role of energy efficiency Hubs as an agora where policy makers in the programme area can dialogue with citizens, industries, designers, green SMEs for the implementation of local energy plans.

lamp and sky
PA3 Environment & Energy
S.O. 3.2 N. 462

Development of a community relying on smart energy, by implementing training programmes for researchers and students, and raising awareness on smart energy trends in schools and local institutions of the Programme area.

PA3 Environment & Energy
SO 3.2 / N. 437

Development of an intervention strategy for the optimization of energy saving, aimed at increasing energy efficiency in port sites of the programme area, following European standards.

PA3 Environment & Energy
S.O. 3.2 / N. 492

Development of tools for measuring the carbon footprint of the airports in Puglia, Albania and Montenegro, and activation of policies for carbon emission reduction in the programme area.

PA3 Environment & Energy
S.O. 3.1 / N. 355

Enhancing of prevention and preparedness measures regarding natural and man-made risks inside the Programme area, to efficiently address them through joint protocols and standards, as well as operators' training.

PA3 Environment & Energy
S0 3.1 / N. 192

Improvement of the management of the South Adriatic coasts of Italy, Albania and Montenegro, by adopting sustainable approaches in the resolution of issues related to marine litter and coastal erosion.

Yellow bicycles
PA4 Sustainable Transport
S0 4.1 / N. 44
#DynaMob 2.0

Promotion of car and bike sharing as a part of the new mobility culture inside the Programme area, thus making cities more sustainable.