Our Projects

PA4 Sustainable Transport
S.O. 4.1 N. 496

Building of a solid network of public and private stakeholders in the field of logistics and maritime transport for smart and sustainable development in the Programme area, based on 4.0 industry technologies.

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PA4 Sustainable Transport
S0 4.1 / N. 240

Improvement of the transport routes coordination among Italy, Albania and Montenegro, for a more efficient transport network addressed to both citizens and businesses.

PA4 Sustainable Transport
S.O. 4.1 / N. 510

Strengtening of collaboration among R&D , industries, SMEs and policy makers in order to exploit the existing technologies and maximise the innovation potential of future aerospace technologies

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PA4 Sustainable Transport
S.O. 4.1 / N. 474

Creation of a common transport connection system in port sites of the programme area, and support to the development of sustainable and efficient intermodality services.

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PA4 Sustainable Transport
S.O. 4.1 / N. 570

Creation of a network of expertise between industrial and scientific actors in order to raise awareness on the transport system assets’ value and promote cooperative management and integration of data.