Our 2014-20 Projects

PA3 Environment & Energy
S.O. 3.1 / N. 355

Enhancing of prevention and preparedness measures regarding natural and man-made risks inside the Programme area, to efficiently address them through joint protocols and standards, as well as operators' training.

PA3 Environment & Energy
S0 3.1 / N. 192

Improvement of the management of the South Adriatic coasts of Italy, Albania and Montenegro, by adopting sustainable approaches in the resolution of issues related to marine litter and coastal erosion.

Yellow bicycles
PA4 Sustainable Transport
S0 4.1 / N. 44
#DynaMob 2.0

Promotion of car and bike sharing as a part of the new mobility culture inside the Programme area, thus making cities more sustainable.

cruise ship
PA4 Sustainable Transport
S.O. 4.1 / N. 359

Improvement of connections between both the two sides of the Adriatic Sea (related to the Programme area), and the two sides of Shkodra/Skadar Lake, through multimodal inland water and maritime transport connections.

PA4 Sustainable Transport
S.O. 4.1 / N. 465

Improvement of transport activities in the programme area, support to cross-border management of hazardous materials, from risk prevention to cooperation in case of disaster.

commercial port
PA4 Sustainable Transport
S.O. 4.1 / N. 529

Strengthening of cooperation and synergies in the transport sector in southern Adriatic ports of Italy, Albania and Montenegro, in order to create better conditions to guarantee and promote sustainable transport.

PA4 Sustainable Transport
S.O. 4.1 / N. 522

Increase of the intermodal efficiency flow in port sites of the programme area, through the update of the information management systems, and the improvement of administrative procedures and commercial operations.

PA4 Sustainable Transport
S.O. 4.1 / N.365

Definition of  methodologies, models, processes and structures that can simplify and harmonize the introduction of innovative approaches in the anti-fraud inspection and control phases in the programme area.