sea and boats

15 April 2019
CO.CO.TOUR, Cross Border Meeting from 17 to 19 April in Tricase

After finalizing the territorial analysis, all Co.Co.Tour project partners will attend from 17 to 19 April 2019 the cross border working session in Tricase (Italy), to define the principles, practices and management/promotion plan of the respective Eco museums.

On 17 April, the Port Museum of Tricase will be presented by the Italian project partners, followed by a meeting with  local stakeholders. 

On the second day, each Country will present its respective territorial analysis and after it the strengths and general critical points of each area will be identified. In this context, an important part of the meeting will be the meeting with the accessibility expert.

On the last day the concept of the Eco museum and its management/promotion plan it will be discussed.