05 December 2019
INERRAnT, meeting with students of Economics of the University of Salento
The INERRAnT Project was presented to students of the Department of Economics - University of Salento (Italy).
group photo
04 December 2019
MONET, capacity building workshops in Molise
Two capacity building workshops for museum staff and management were held in November in Campobasso (Italy).
02 December 2019
MONET, exchange programme for artists in Polignano a Mare, Italy
An exchange programme for artists was held from 19 May to 1 June in Pino Pascali Museum Foundation, Polignano a Mare, Puglia, Italy.
Theatrical scene: man bent over a piece of wood
02 December 2019
TOURNEE Festival, in Barletta from 4 to 8 December
Pilot Action carried out by the Municipality of Barletta for the Project TOURNEE - Theatres for tOURism developmeNt in EuropE.
children in a Park of Coastal Dunes
22 November 2019
Park of Coastal Dunes, autumn meetings dedicated to LASPEH
The autumn meetings devoted to LASPEH project started in the Park of Coastal Dunes (Italy), and involved several schools and pupils.
21 November 2019
ALMONIT-MTC, the project that brings shores closer: launch event in Tirana
Thematic project ALMONIT-MTC Albania, Montenegro, Italy, Multimodal Transport Connectivity: launch event on 21 November 2019 in Tirana.
Public attending a presentation
21 November 2019
INERRAnT at the Days of Promotion of Scientific Culture in Lecce, 3rd appointment
DHITECH’s representatives presented to students the main activities and research projects of the District, including the INERRAnT Project.
18 November 2019
Thematic project FOOD4HEALTH, project launch in Tirana
The thematic project FOOD4HEALTH was launched in Tirana on 18 November 2019 in the framework of the awareness campaign on Health promotion.