15 October 2018
CIRCE, cinema bridges the distances between Italy, Albania and Montenegro
Great success for the kick-off meeting of the project CIRCE, held on 11 and 12 October in Bari, Italy.
press conference
09 October 2018
NEST, for the creation of an Interreg smart destination model
Launch of the project NEST, Networking for Smart Tourism Development, on 4 October 2018 in Tirana, Albania.
landscape with cliff
08 October 2018
CIRCE, kick off meeting on 11 to 12 October in Bari
CIRCE, Common Initiatives to pRomote CinEma across Italy-Albania-Montenegro, will be presented on 11 to 12 October in Bari
04 October 2018
FLAT, public notice for First Level Controller
Public Notice for First Level Controller of the project FLAT, Flood and Landslide Assistance and Training. Deadline: 11 October 2018.
project meeting
02 October 2018
LASPEH, a common strategy to safeguard biodiversity in the Adriatic basin
The project LASPEH, Low Adriatic Species and Habitat, was presented on 27 and 28 September in Ostuni.
Highway with running cars
01 October 2018
NEST, launch event on 4 October 2018 in Tirana
Kick off meeting and launch of the project NEST, Networking for Smart Tourism Development, in Tirana (Albania).
01 October 2018
BREAKING NEWS! Targeted Call for Proposals coming soon.
It’s time to start developing new projects! The new Targeted Call for Proposals will be launched by December 2018.
28 September 2018
ON CLOUD NINE, new air connections between Puglia, Albania, and Montenegro
Press conference of ON CLOUD NINE on 26 September in Bari, Italy. Two pilot air routes will connect Puglia to Albania and Montenegro.