16 November 2022
SME BE SMART, Incoming mission in Albania on 22-23 November with focus on Blue Economy

Incoming mission in Albania, of Italian and Montenegrin economic operators, on 22-23 November as part of the project "SME BE SMART - Driving SME's competitiveness in the field of Blue and green Economy through SMARTer cross-border market interaction". Main topics: Introduction to the blue economy in Albania & knowledge of the main stakeholders in the sector. 

The two-day programme provides concrete opportunities for collaboration and networking between Albanian-Italian-Montenegrin companies, through the organisation of a series of guided visits to the main ports of Albania , meetings with Albanian economic operators of the Blue economy, representatives of Local Authorities and so on. 

The aim is to have strengths, investments and opportunities to establish potential relationships with local strategic interlocutors, promote cooperation, internationalization of SMEs and cross-border business practices in terms of exchange of experience.

Download the agenda.