Meeting call

29 March 2021
3 WATCH OUT, fourth webinar for field exercise held on 29 March 2021

As part of the 3 Watch Out project "Trilateral model of civil protection: WAys, Tools and CHallenges for OUr safeTy", funded by the Interreg Italy-Albania-Montenegro Program, the fourth webinar dedicated to "planning conference and field exercise " was held on 29 March 2021.

Starting from the principles of the EU Civil Protection Mechanism, the 3 WATCH OUT project aims to define the rules of cross-border cooperation in the event of an emergency in one of the participating countries, outlining a trilateral cooperation model by identifying the measures to be adopted for the development of a common risk management system.

The fourth webinar had as its main objective to define, together with the project partners, the exercise scenario and the sharing of the WebGIS platform, which are important in the approach to the final exercise.

Given the evolution of the pandemic situation, the field exercise will take place in May 2021 in three different locations: simultaneously in Italy, Albania and Montenegro.

Next appointment in April 2021 with the Planning Conference, in which we will share all the information relating to the design of the exercise scenario, the cartography produced, the teams and the technical sheets that will be used during the field exercise.