17 March 2021
PHASE, promoting e-Health in cross-border areas by stimulating local economies

PHASE project will propose a complete shift in the traditional paradigm of the healthcare system in the three countries of the CB area. That will require not only a change in current healthcare policies and institutions, but mostly a boost in eHealth business sector competitiveness. This is retained as the main driver for innovation as well as a massive empowerment of patients and caregivers in CBC area. 

The PHASE project aims at: 

  1. creating an ecosystem of policies, standards, practices and tools which will act as facilitator of competitiveness of MSMEs in the sector of healthcare and e-health; 
  2. boosting the creation and the development of eHealth MSME sector by providing non-financial services;
  3. promoting the CB cooperation among private and public stakeholders through the creation of an international network.

PHASE aims at developing the eHealth sector through innovative electronic tools and procedures, applied in Italy, Albania and Montenegro. Its activitities focus on efficient treatment of heart-attacks, neurodegenerative and chronic diseases. The project will boost the creation and development of eHealth digital enterprises by providing non-financial services and increasing their competences. At the same time, it will work towards raising citizens’ and public authorities’ awareness about eHealth. 

The ultimate goal of this Project is to improve the overall health and the quality of life of citizens, by using ICT technologies to increase self-management of healthcare and diseases.

For more information, please visit: https://phase.italy-albania-montenegro.eu/