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08 November 2021
PORTS 4.0, Networking event in Transport and Logistics 4.0 on 15 November

On Monday 15 November 2021, the Albanian Institute of Transport with the kind collaboration of the University of Vlore “ISMAIL QEMALI” organizes  the “Networking event in Transport and Logistics 4.0 – Competitiveness and Sustainability ”, in the framework of Project “PORTS 4.0 - Partnership for the prOmotion of a maRiTime cross-border Strategy”, funded by the INTERREG Italy-Albania-Montenegro Programme. The event will be held at the University of Vlore “ISMAIL QEMALI”, in Vlore (ALBANIA). 

The aforementioned event refers to project activity D.T.1.1.2. The networking event will be organized by the Institute of Transport and will aim at supporting the building up of an ADRIATIC PORTS cluster by enabling the encounter among project partners, research institutes, business companies and private stakeholders. The event will be attended by representatives of partner institutions on the project GE. IN. LOGISTIC (online) from Taranto (Italy) and the University of Montenegro  (Montenegro), as well as numerous representatives of national public administration, universities and research institutes, representatives of ports and marinas, SMEs from maritime activities and other relevant stakeholders from Italy, Albania and Montenegro. 

More specifically, it is planned as a one-day-event focusing on the themes of competitiveness and sustainability in transport and logistics in line with the 4.0 industry concept, potentials of blue growth through research and regional interconnectivity. Participants will present their experiences and results regarding trends and development potentials in line with the 4.0 concept, regulations, innovative solutions and modern challenges, as well as research and collaboration principles for sustainable transport industry.  

The interested stakeholders can confirm their participation at THIS LINK

Download the agenda of the event.