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11 June 2021
REMOTE, in Koreja the mirror of the Adriatic: international meeting on 11-12 June

Important international appointment in Lecce on Friday 11 and Saturday 12 June 2021 organized by Teatro Koreja of Lecce (Italy) in partnership with the M.A.M. - Multidisciplinay Art Movement Center - of Tirana (Albania) as part of the REMOTE Project (places of urban mEMOry for Tourism dEvelopment), funded by the Interreg IPA CBC - Italy – Albania – Montenegro program.

LO SPECCHIO DELL'ADRIATICO meeting between the protagonists of the artistic and cultural scene of Puglia and Albania: this is the title of the two days of study (B2B), which will take place at the Koreja Theater and which sees a comparison between professionals and virtuous realities that operate on this and on the other side of the sea with the aim of creating a real bridge through common practices and concrete proposals.

2 days; 6 meeting sessions (culture, publishing, cinema, music, architecture, art); 1 special event; 45 guests from Italy and Albania.

Expected guests, among others, Onofrio Cutaia, General Director of Contemporary Creativity of the MIC; Massimo Bray, Councilor for culture of the Puglia Region.

The REMOTE project focuses on unused assets and the dissonant heritage present in the program area for the implementation of new networks and innovative strategies for tourism development. In the cities of the program area there are numerous examples of historical, cultural or environmental sites that are currently unused or undeveloped. The dissonant heritage represents the set of places with a “negative” historical value, but which are still part of a city. They are places of high historical value that need to be rethought and enhanced in a cultural key.

Southern Italy and Albania are, in a certain sense, the other side of the coin for history, development, different memories and yet, at the same time, they have a common thread that binds them.

REMOTE analyzes the opportunity to export some good site management practices in the lower Adriatic area: the first part of the project, in fact, involved the Tepelene Forced Labor Camp in Albania.

The common challenge of the partners is to study and understand what could be a recognizable and shareable method and approach to rethink the nature of places from different points of view, create a network that can redefine the idea of urban memory thanks to a connection direct with the lives of citizens:
vision of the community and place, alternative models of regeneration, production, distribution, exchange, consumption, use of financial resources.

The Koreja Theatre that host the B2B, second phase of the project, are themselves an example of urban regeneration and provide the case history from which to start, to analyze and discuss architectural heritage and places, urban recovery and strategies to be adopted.

It will be possible to follow the event on the YouTube channel @teatrokoreja

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