The Interreg IPA South Adriatic Programme Bodies are committed to apply a strict anti-fraud policy, which may be found in this section.

Furthermore, the Managing Authority system for reporting irregular or unlawful conduct is addressed to the whistleblower, intended as a public employee, employee of bodies governed by public law, or of private bodies being suppliers of public bodies, who intends to report offenses of general interest and not of individual interest, which he/she has come to know, on the basis of the employment relationship. The same applies to concerned citizens, having an interest in a correct use of public funding.

We remind you that for the purposes of the whistleblowing discipline, "public employee" means the employee of the public administrations including the employee of an economic public body, body governed by public law or the employee of a private law body subject to public control pursuant. We also remind you that the discipline of whistleblowing also applies to workers and collaborators of companies supplying goods or services and carrying out works in favor of public administration.


Please submit your report in the form below in English.

Alternatively you can submit your report also in Italian, Albanian and Montenegrin language, through an email, even without using the form template.

In alternativa, sono possibili segnalazioni anche in italiano, albanese e montenegrino, tramite email e senza utilizzare il formulario.

Ju mund të raportoni gjithashtu nëpërmjet një e-maili, në gjuhën italiane, shqipe dhe malazeze, edhe pa përdorimin e formularit.

Takođe, izvještaj može biti proslijeđen i na italijanskom, albanskom i crnogorskom jeziku, putem elektronske pošte, bez korišćenja forme obrasca.


What we can do

The Interreg IPA South Adriatic Managing Authority activity is carried out with a view to preventing and not repressing individual offenses.

If the MA considers the report grounded, with a view to preventing corruption, may initiate a dialogue with the competent institutions, such as the competent Ministries in Albania and Montenegro (National Authorities represented in the Monitoring Committee of the Programme, Irregularity officers, who shall follow up with the respective national authorities in charge), or in Italy the Inspectorate for the Public Function, the Court of Auditors, the Judicial Authority, the Guardia di Finanza.

If the report is not sufficiently substantiated, the procedure is considered concluded.


What we can not do

The MA based on current legislation:

DOES NOT protect individual rights and interests;

It does NOT carry out any activity of verifying / resolving the subjective and personal events of the person reporting, nor can it influence, if not indirectly and mediated, on the same;

It can NOT replace the institutions responsible for the matter;

It DOES NOT provide legal representation or advice to the reporting person;

It does NOT deal with reports from private entities.

Information on security and confidentiality

The MA is committed to protect the privacy and confidentiality of the report. The identity of the whistleblower shall not be disclosed. The data provided by the whistleblower shall be only used in compliance with EU General Data Protection Regulation (2016/679) ("GDPR").


If the whistleblower wishes so, it can submit the report anonymously to the email address:



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