Axis and specific objective
P.A. 1 / S.O. 1.1 No. 456 - Small Scale Project
Project acronym
Ecosystems for BusIness Transformation
Project Summary

The EBIT project aims at setting up an innovative cross-border hub for the creation of an industrial and scientific network in the South Adriatic area. Through three conferences and a B2B event, EBIT will be a meeting point between the industrial and academic world, that overcomes geographical boundaries, and fosters the sharing of knowledge between different realities of the target territories, laying the foundations for future collaborations and technological development projects. Furthermore, a tighter cooperation between enterprises will promote the establishment of a cross-border market and, thus, the economic growth of the regions involved, by enabling the exchange of expertise, professionals, best practices, and market opportunities.

Main Outputs
Main outputs

- Innovative cross border hub for industrial and scientific network in the South Adriatic

Project Partnership
Lead Partner
Lead Partner
Università del Salento (IT) - Contact: Mariangela Lazoi - mariangela.lazoi[at]
Project Partners
Project Partners
Politecnico di Bari (IT)
UCCIAL - Union of Chambers of Commerce & Industry of Albania (AL)


Competitiveness of SMEs


Project Closed

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Total budget
Total Budget
66.000,00 EUR
EU Contribution
EU Contribution
IPA co-financing 85%
01.06.2022 / 30.11.2022

Università del Salento
Via V. Fornari, 12 - Lecce (IT)
Piazzetta Tancredi, 7 - Lecce (IT)