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30 May 2023
OPEN TOURISM Incoming mission & B2B meeting, Italy “Gastronomy Itinerary” on 30 May

An Incoming Mission & B2B meeting with a focus on " Gastronomy Itinerary " will be organised in Italy on 30 May 2023 by the Union of Municipalities of Terre del Mare e del Sole, as part of the capitalisation activities of the project OPEN TOURISM.

The event aims to enhance the OPEN TOURISM model, a tourist information and welcome service consisting of a territorial network of information points and managed through a Circuit of local operators. The activity is mainly targeted at operators active in the gastronomy sector from the three territories of Italy, Albania and Montenegro involved in the project. 

After the presentation of the OPEN TOURISM project, the event will focus on OPEN TOURISM results, such as the gastronomy itineraries, the App and the Circuit. 

Afterwards, the operators involved will be divided in groups in order to better discuss the effectiveness of the project tools in terms of valorisation of the local tourist potential and of the gastronomy itineraries. In the afternoon, the participants will also make some practical experiences.