18 November 2022
SME BE SMART, B2B meetings to enhance SMEs cooperation, on 22-23 November in Albania

B2B cross-border meetings are international events that will be held on 22-23 November 2022 in Albania between Albanian, Italian and Montenegrin economic operators, with a focus on Green Economy. 

These meetings will be organised by Confindustria Albania in collaboration with Confindustria Bari e Bat and Confindustria Montenegro, as part of the project  “SME BE SMART Driving SME’s competitiveness in the field of Blue and green Economy through SMARTer cross-border market interaction”.

The initiative aims to facilitate the creation of networking between various economic operators and to pave the way for collaboration and cooperation on sustainable business. The structure of the event will consist in several private bilateral meetings among the companies contacted by the above three organizations. 

In addition to B2B meetings to facilitate communication between companies and to familiarize them with the Albanian panorama in the green economy, institutional meetings have also been planned with Albanian authorities, focused on the green economy and the integration and sustainability in all processes in society. 

Download the agenda.