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04 December 2023
Navigating New Horizons: Active Participation Shapes the Future of the South Adriatic | VIDEO

With the "Roadmap for a New Vision in the South Adriatic Area" initiative, held in Bari from 21 to 23 November 2023, we've moved beyond rhetoric. Over three days, participants actively delved into crucial themes—tourism, governance, business needs, smart cities, and mobility—leveraging insights from experts, stakeholders, and passionate citizens of the South Adriatic.

Through an interactive and participatory approach, the living lab became a crucible of vibrant discussions, now pivotal milestones for the near future. Numerous innovative tools were utilised: cluster planning, in-depth insights into best practices, and group discussions guided by experienced facilitators. These efforts culminated in the unveiling of a results-oriented roadmap, a guiding light for future actions.

In essence, a compass guiding us on the journey towards transformation, a path towards the future of the South Adriatic area actively shaped by the collective wisdom and actions of its participants.