19 July 2019
P.A.S.T.4Future, 2nd Territorial Marketing event on 24 July in Gravina in Puglia

The second Territorial Marketing event of the project P.A.S.T.4Future will take place on Wednesday 24 July 2019, starting from 4.00 p.m., at the Congress Hall of the Alta Murgia National Park Managing body in Gravina in Puglia. The event is organized by the DMO technical staff of Gravina in Puglia in collaboration with the Managing body of the Alta Murgia National Park. 

The initiative is aimed at gathering all local stakeholders, in order to discuss about the themes characterizing P.A.S.T.4Future project through a participatory, inclusive and bottom up approach. 

During the afternoon, workers of the tourist sector (Agencies, restaurants, Hotels, Associations) will be invited to express their opinions, needs and doubts on Accessible Tourism, and Associations dealing with such themes will try to provide replies and solutions to them.
Later, participants may visit the rocky and naturalistic area of Capotenda, the site chosen to carry out the restoration works financed by the project. 

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