Our Projects

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PA2 Tourism & Culture
SO 2.1 / N. 96

Promotion of “experience-based” tourism inside the Programme area and creation of a strategic “Interreg smart destination” model, by adopting collaborative and user-driven innovation tools.

PA2 Tourism & Culture
S.O. 2.2 / N. 481

Strengthening of the cultural relationship between Puglia and Albania through a cross-border network of folk music associations, sharing creative and cultural products, and creating bonds between peoples.

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PA2 Tourism & Culture
SO 2.1 / N. 189

Development of innovative strategies for sustainable tourism in the Programme area and promotion of a new approach based on the relationship between visitors and local communities.

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PA2 Tourism & Culture
SO 2.1 / N. 176

Promotion of the accessible and sustainable tourism destinations in the Programme area, to the benefit of the whole society.

PA2 Tourism & Culture
S.O. 2.2 / N. 399

Modernisation of archival processing and mapping of film heritage in the programme area, to support cross-sector and cross-border collaboration of creative industries, and stimulate production of new forms of art.

Sailboats moored in the sea
PA2 Tourism & Culture
SO 2.1 / N. 250

Promotion, in the Programme area, of the seasonal adjustment for tourism throughout the year, by developing a broader nautical tourism offer in small and medium-sized ports.

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PA2 Tourism & Culture
S.O. 2.2 / N. 482

Promotion of dissonant heritage in the Programme area and creation of a network that could redefine the idea of urban memory thanks to the direct connection with the lives of citizens.

PA2 Tourism & Culture
SO 2.1/ N. 478

Enhancement of a new experiential tourism format based on the discovery of common traditions and culture of places located in Italy and Albania, to be lived as residents, together with the locals.