Our Projects

Boat moored at sunset
PA3 Environment & Energy
S0 3.1 / N. 244

Improvement of the management of the marine resources inside the Programme area, by combining the efforts of scientists, decision-makers, fishermen and citizens.

house in green lawn
PA3 Environment & Energy
SO 3.2 / N. 419

Awareness raising and dissemination of best practices about the use of agricultural waste for producing bio-based building components with high hygrothermal performances in the Programme area.

Overhanging cliff the sea
PA3 Environment & Energy
S0 3.1 / N. 59

Improvement of the protection of the coastal environment and water landscape in the Programme area, through the definition of new management models.

solar panels
PA3 Environment & Energy
S.O. 3.2 / N. 420

Increase of energy efficiency and use of renewable energies in the programme area, through the implementation of innovative actions, training and awareness-raising activities.

water pipes
PA3 Environment & Energy
S.O. 3.1 / N. 361

Promotion of a more effective use of water resources in the Programme area, through new infrastructures, technologies, as well as new control and measurement systems, to be jointly developed across the three countries.

light bulb
PA3 Environment & Energy
S.O. 3.2 / N. 446

Promotion of common efficiency and sustainable energy plans in order to reduce carbon emissions and improve energy efficiency in the private and public sector of the Programme area.

light bulb
PA3 Environment & Energy
S.O. 3.2 / N. 384

Enhancement of research commercialization and technology transfer in the field of Energy Efficiency in Buildings, through strategic collaborations interacting in a Living Lab environment in the Programme area.

Jeep running in the mud
PA3 Environment & Energy
S0 3.1 / N. 155

Strengthening of the capacities of the Rescue Services inside the Programme area and creation of integrated plans and tools to improve protection and risk management in case of floods and landslides.