Our Projects

Dresden Opera House and monument to King Johann of Saxony on horseback
PA2 Tourism & Culture
S0 2.2 / N. 321

Improvement of the cultural theatre offer both for local and tourist people inside the Programme area and creation of a durable Cluster of Theatres Institution.

Man with disability by the sea
PA2 Tourism & Culture
SO 2.1 / N. 235

Development of new targeted tourist and health care services in the Programme area, by increasing territorial accessibility for tourists with special needs.

Civil protection during an intervention
PA3 Environment & Energy
S0 3.1 / N. 319

Improvement of the management of the natural risks in the Programme area, from risk prevention to cooperation in case of natural disasters.

solsolar panels
PA3 Environment & Energy
S.O. 3.2 / N. 397

Creation of a shared model of strategic planning and an extended governance model for the programme area, aimed at energy efficiency and to safety of cities from the risks generated by climate change.

Boat moored at sunset
PA3 Environment & Energy
S0 3.1 / N. 244

Improvement of the management of the marine resources inside the Programme area, by combining the efforts of scientists, decision-makers, fishermen and citizens.

house in green lawn
PA3 Environment & Energy
SO 3.2 / N. 419

Awareness raising and dissemination of best practices about the use of agricultural waste for producing bio-based building components with high hygrothermal performances in the Programme area.

Overhanging cliff the sea
PA3 Environment & Energy
S0 3.1 / N. 59

Improvement of the protection of the coastal environment and water landscape in the Programme area, through the definition of new management models.

solar panels
PA3 Environment & Energy
S.O. 3.2 / N. 420

Increase of energy efficiency and use of renewable energies in the programme area, through the implementation of innovative actions, training and awareness-raising activities.