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14 November 2022
REEHUB Plus, the outcomes of the Project Closure Event

On 10 November 2022, Barleti Institute for Research and Development held, at the Barleti University premises, the Closure Event “Towards a new Energy Efficiency Approach and future initiatives in the Hubs transformation process”. This event was organized in the framework of Reehub Plus Project, implemented by BIRD in cooperation with Ministria e Infrastrukturës dhe Energjisë, DITNE - Distretto Tecnologico Nazionale sull'Energia, University of Montenegro Faculty of Architecture Comune di Agnone.

The event was opened with the welcome and greetings speeches by the Rector of Barleti University Professor Suzana Guxholli, following by the Executive Director of BIRD, Mrs. Florina Pazari.

The closure event was conceptualized into two main sessions. The 1st session was focused on Energy Efficiency stakeholders with the participation of Albanian and Italian institutions and experts. In this regard the key speakers were as below:

Arch. Ajda Çarçani - Project Manager who presented the background, main goals, activities and results of the project through the presentation ”Progressing Efficiently”.

Arch. Ilda Qazimllari - Director of Public Works Investments Directorate, Municipality of Tirana, who presented two case studies of energy efficiency interventions in two buildings made in Tirana.

Mr. Daniele Saia - Mayor of Municipality of Agnone, who presented the work made in Agnone on behalf of the project. Mr. Saia expressed his appreciation about the implementation of the project as well as his readiness to cooperate in future project and initiatives.

Mrs. Alma Koka - Certified Expert in Energy and Environmental design, who talked about the importance of green buildings, as a tool of sustainability in energy saving process.

Mrs. Eranda Shalsi - External Expert of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy, who presented the project implementation process as well as provided her expertise in the field of Energy Efficiency.

Mrs. Blerta Musabelli - Representative of the Agency for Energy Efficiency. During the conference she presented the work that AEE is doing as well as she talked about the latest initiative for the water heating, taken by the Agency.

Mr. Rodon Miraj - Coordinator of Open Regional Fund for South East Europe, Energy, Transport and Climate Protection, at GIZ Albania. Mr. Miraj was focused in the work that GIZ Albania has done during the years in the field of Energy Efficiency.

Meanwhile, the 2nd session was focused in the activities and deliverables related to project implementation phases under the guidance of each partner. In this regard, the key speakers were as follows:

Arch. Ajda Çarçani - Project Manager, who focused her second presentation on the activities and results of the project more in deep, by stating the importance of such projects in Albania.

Mr. Erli Zdrava - Legal Advisor at BIRD institute whose presentation was focused on the legal framework regarding Energy Efficiency in Albania. Furthermore, Mr. Zdrava was focused more in depth on concrete data of the energy sector in Albania.

Mr. Angelo Colucci - Project Manager at DiTNE. Mr. Colucci as part of both projects, presented the activities and the results of the project implementation from the part of DiTNE.

Mrs. Vincenza Luprano - ENEA Expert, who talked about all the activities of Reehub and Reehub Plus projects, started from 2018.

Ms. Irena Rajkovic - Project Manager Reehub Plus / University of Montenegro, Faculty of Architecture. Ms. Rajkovic talked about the implementation of the project, activities and results from the side of Montenegro.

Mr. Andrea Di Girolamo - Consultant of Agnone Municipality, who presented the work made by the Municipality of Agnone, on behalf of project implementation.

Mr. Ardian Islami - Project Manager Reehub Plus representing the Directorate of Conception and Feasibility for Industry and Energy Projects. Mr. Ismali presented the Manual of Standards and Qualification produced on behalf of the project. The event was closed after the end of roundtable where the summarize of the event was made.