Axis and specific objective
P.A. 2 / S.O. 2.2 No. 482 - Small Scale Project
Project acronym
places of uRban mEMOry for Tourism dEvelopment
Project Summary

There are places with a high historical value that need to be re-thought and enhanced in a cultural way. REMOTE wants to export some best practices of site management in the programme area, with a focus on a specific place in Albania, the Forced Labor Camp in Tepelene. The expected result is the creation of a network that could redefine the idea of the urban memory thanks to a direct connection with the lives of citizens. Project actions are: a seminar with multidisciplinary experts in Tepelene, to focus the attention on this site, and a B2B meeting in Lecce at Cantieri Teatrali Koreja - which is itself an example of urban regeneration -  to present territorial experiments of participated local development.

Main Outputs
Main outputs

- Community-led local network for urban memory development

Project Partnership
Lead Partner
Lead Partner
Koreja Soc. Coop. Impresa Sociale Contacts: Anna Petrachi - anna.petrachi[at]
Project Partners
Project Partners
Qendra Multidisciplinary Arts Movement (AL)
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Tourism and Culture


Project Closed

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Total budget
Total Budget
33.000,00 EUR
EU Contribution
EU Contribution
IPA co-financing 85%
2020 / 2021

Koreja Soc. Coop. Impresa Sociale
Via Guido Dorso, Nr 48/50 - Lecce (IT)