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06 March 2023
ADRINET workshop “Risk management in the fishing areas” on 16 March in Bari

"Risk Management in the Fishing Areas: Monitoring, Enforcement, and Valorisation of Marine Resources" is the title of the workshop which will be held on 16 March 2023 in Bari (Grande Albergo delle Nazioni – 8:30 am/02:30 pm) as part of the capitalisation activities of the project ADRINET - Adriatic Network for Marine Ecosystem.

The event  is organized by the University of Bari, and aims at disseminating the multi-stakeholder methodology designed by ADRINET on the issue of sustainable fishing. 

The workshop includes two sessions: the first one will focus on cross-border cooperation as a necessary tool for the sustainability of the sea-related economy, while the second session will focus on scientific monitoring as a resource for the Blue Economy players, and on three success stories. 

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