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12 July 2021
AIDA project, “LA RIPARAZIONE” on stage in Lecce on 17 and 18 July

Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 July at 9.00 pm at Ortale Koreja Theater, via Francesco de Simone 22, Lecce, the Teatro dei Luoghi Fest hosts the debut of “LA RIPARAZIONE”, the show directed by Cesar Brie, produced as part of AIDA Adriatic Identity through Development of Arts, a project co-financed by the European Union under the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA II), through the Interreg IPA CBC Italy - Albania-Montenegro Programme.

A project, AIDA, which considers the entire programme area (Italy, Albania and Montenegro) from a single point of view, highlighting the many points of contact that exist between citizens and communities.

AIDA, therefore, wants to create an "Adriatic identity model" based on the awareness of the memory of the communities. The model is developing along interesting research paths, from academic to artistic ones, creating networks of local communities in the pilot cities of Lecce, Campobasso, Tirana and Ulcinj, put together with the aim of forming a cross-border network of communities in the Adriatic area. AIDA wants to stimulate comparison and cooperation between citizens, artists and public bodies through an inclusive and transnational approach, which can activate a direct confrontation with different realities and cultures within the pilot area. All the areas affected by the activities are connected to each other and have a national history that in some moments is intertwined with that of the other countries involved.

On stage Bashkim Alaj, Giorgia Cocozza, Elisa Morciano, Barbara Petti, Maria Rosaria Ponzetta, Ilire Vinca, Andjelka Vulic.
Directed by Cesar Brie, the performance takes us to a place to go to repair something in life. Who leaves and who arrives, who has to leave and who has to return. A meeting place, fleeting, brief, intense, where you can finally say the unspoken word. Where you can explain something that has been confused for a long time, where you can, perhaps, just hold for a moment the person we have not been able to greet. A place of living and dead, of memories, of encounters.

An old man can meet the child he was, a child can meet the woman she has become. A place where they come to terms with their own events. But it is not a private place.

We are a multitude of lonely people. Our intimacy is ours, that is, of a multitude. This is a place where the intimate becomes social, where the social is expressed in a particular story. It is the way we say "we" and at the same time fix something of our life.

It is useless, just to know something more about ourselves, our time, our past and our present. Every now and then the space will be crossed by history.

The process that led to the show saw the implementation of various actions starting from the field research during which in each partner country, a group of artists selected through a short list, worked on the field research of the "keywords" representative of the Adriatic identity.

This action was followed by the open session during which all participants met the project's Artistic Director and the partners' Artistic Cross Borders, in a work session aimed at the selections.

Starting from last June 15, all the selected artists, one from Montenegro, one from Albania, one from Molise and one from Puglia, joined by other actors from Koreja, met for the production of the show under the direction of the director Cesar Brie, also selected with a public call.

The show will continue with the circuit in the pilot programme areas and in 2 festivals.

Free entrance, reservation required. 

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