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22 October 2019
FILA, third consortium meeting on 24 October in Korça

The 3rd Consortium meeting and Steering committee of the project FILA - Strengthening and empowering of cross border innovation networks through Fertilization Innovation Labs in Agro-food for improving the connection between research and SMEs (EIP Approach) - will be held on 24 October 2019 in Korce, at the premises of the Albanian Development Fund, Korça Regional Office, “Republic” Boulevard, L. 2, Building No. 65, 3rd Floor.

In this activity the partners of the project will discuss for achievements of the FILA project and the progress achieved in establishing 3 FILA laboratories in Korça (Albania), Bari (Italy) and Montenegro. 

In addition, the partners will address the problems encountered and future steps of the project.

For more information please download the agenda.