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18 November 2022
PHASE, Telemedicine for de-hospitalisation and support for territorial continuity

Today in Bari the first events of the PHASE Project, financed by the Cooperation Programme between Italy, Albania, and Montenegro and led by the Policlinico di Bari

“The Apulia Region has the most extensive network of telecardiology and has become a leader in the sector, also at national level. This is why we will try to make telemedicine as widespread as possible in order to better manage patients with cardiological chronicity, neurodegenerative diseases, or in urgent-emergency cardiological conditions." With these words Carlo D'Agostino - Director UOC Cardiology Hospital Policlinico di Bari - opened this morning the cycle of events planned in Italy as part of the PHASE Project, financed by the Cooperation Programme between Italy, Albania and Montenegro, and led by the Policlinico di Bari. 

“eHealth and telemedicine”, continued D'Agostino, who is also the scientific head of the PHASE project, “have played a fundamental role in the last few years in which the pandemic has conditioned our interventions, stopping traditional medicine in some cases. In this context, we wanted to give a further boost to the PHASE project, which involves Italy-Albania and Montenegro and has the Policlinico di Bari as lead partner, by promoting telemedicine in the field of emergencies and chronicity”. 

The morning event entitled 'Telemedicine for de-hospitalisation and support for territorial continuity', accredited by the Ministry of Health for medical specialists of all disciplines was held at Puglia Region in Via Gentile, 52 and was aimed at providing an overview of the current situation and information for launching effective projects. In addition, guidelines were provided to support programmes for the redevelopment of treatment and care pathways, as well as the monitoring of appropriateness and adherence to treatment with Telemedicine.

During the morning, speakers included: Ottavio Di Cillo, Aress; Fabio Mastrapasqua, Aress; Francesco Pesolo, ASL Foggia; Marco Matteo Ciccone, University of Bari; Pietro Fiore, University of Foggia.

The afternoon event entitled 'Digital ecosystems to support continuity of care. Taking charge of the territory' aimed at informing and training territory doctors on the importance of telemedicine for the continuity of care of patients, promoting close and active collaboration between hospital and territory, establishing protocols and guidelines.

During the afternoon event, speakers included: Francesco Galasso, ASL Brindisi; Tommaso Petrosillo, ASL Foggia; Attilio Guarini, IRCCS Oncologico Bari; Francesco Pesce, AOU Policlinico Bari; Vito Napoletano, ASL Bari; Giuseppe Pirlo, University of Bari; Luigi La Viola, University of Bari; Tiziana Latiano, IRCCS Casa sollievo della Sofferenza San Giovanni Rotondo.