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09 April 2021
Safeguard of biodiversity in the Low Adriatic basin: final seminar of LASPEH on 12 April 2021

The final conference of the project LASPEH “Low Adriatic Species and Habitat”, funded with about 500.000€ by INTERREG IPA CBC Italy-Albania Montenegro Programme 2014-2020, will take place on Monday 12 April 2021 from 11:00 to 13:00 on Zoom platform. Simultaneous translation ITA-ENG and ENG-ITA will be available. The event is open to all the community, prior registration at this link:

The Management Consortium of Regional Natural Park “Coastal Dunes from Torre Canne to Torre San Leonardo” is the lead beneficiary of this project in cooperation with one Albanian partner (National Agency of Protected Areas), one Montenegrin partner (Public Enterprise of National Parks of Montenegro) and three Italian partners (Management Body of the Regional Natural Reserves of the Eastern Coast of Taranto, Municipality of Ugento and Municipality of Guardiaregia).

LASPEH project, financed under Priority Axis 3 (Environment protection, risk management and low carbon strategy) of the INTERREG IPA CBC Italy-Albania-Montenegro Programme, aimed to promote and support the biodiversity safeguard reducing the contraction of biological diversities. To fulfill this objective, four parks and protected areas’ management bodies in Italy (three in Puglia and one in Molise), and both the national agencies of the management of National Parks of Albania and Montenegro, carried out a common action to promote and sustain biodiversity, developing managing plans for the Low Adriatic habitat and ecosystem. 

The concrete actions implemented, which will be presented during the Seminar, aimed to preserve three endangered species and habitats, which are extremely important for their ecologic value. The three species and their respective pilot areas are: Tetrao Urogallus/Western Capercaillie (National Park Mali Tomorrit, Albania), Botaurus stellaris/Great Bittern (Regional Natural Reserves of the Eastern Coast of Taranto, Puglia) and Aythya Nyroca/Ferruginous Duck (Regional Natural Park "Litorale di Ugento", Puglia). The three habitats/pilot areas are: sub-steppe paths of grasses and annual plants of Thero-Brachypodietea (Regional Park of Coastal Dunes, Puglia), Tilio-acerlon, forest of slopes and ravines (WWF Oasis Campochiaro - Guardiaregia, Molise) and Macedoni Pinus Peuce/Bosnian Pine (Nacional Park Lovćen, Montenegro). For each identified species and habitat, partners have developed several specific pilot activities, planning together some common cross-border guidelines for their management in the involved territories.

Thanks to the presence of Mr Mauro Novello, JS Coordinator of INTERREG IPA CBC Italy-Albania-Montenegro Programme, and Mr Davide Marcianò, Project Officer of LASPEH Project, the Seminar will be an occasion to discuss also the future of cooperation. 

In addition to the Legal Representatives, Directors and experts of each partner, also several students involved in the project activities will take part to the event. 

Download the agenda.