03 January 2019
LASPEH, interview with Holta Copani, Project Manager of NAPA
The words of Mrs. Holta Copani, Project Manager of NAPA, regarding the project LASPEH, Low Adriatic Species and Habitat.
dates highlighted in the calendar
02 January 2019
TARGETED CALL, registrations for workshops are open!
Four workshops on the forthcoming Targeted Call are scheduled for 14, 16, 22, 23 January 2019 in Bari, Campobasso, Podgorica and Tirana.
31 December 2018
LASPEH, interview with Gianfranco Coppola, Mayor of Ostuni
The words of the Mayor of Ostuni, Mr. Gianfranco Coppola, regarding the project LASPEH, Low Adriatic Species and Habitat.
best wishes
21 December 2018
Our best wishes for a happy and prosperous new year, with a quote from the poet Rainer Maria Rilke.
Culture in motion in adriatic network of Museum infographic
19 December 2018
MONET, International call for young artists
An international call dedicated to young artists from Italy, Albania and Montenegro has been published within the project MONET.
17 December 2018
3C4SME, press conference and project presentation in Isernia
“Difficulties and opportunities in access to credit and finance for SMEs in Molise” was the topic of the event, held on 14 December 2018.
increase chart
29 November 2018
FIRST LEVEL CONTROL SEMINAR, analysis of the test results
We tried to measure it through a test: As a result of our First Level Control Seminar, knowledge of the participating Controllers increased 16%!
28 November 2018
LASPEH, successful Info Day in Berat on biodiversity safeguard
Great success for the Info Day of the project LASPEH, Low Adriatic Species and Habitat, held on 16 November in Berat, Albania