Mr Raffaele Sannicandro, Director General of ASSET
17 March 2022
LASTING sets sails in Bari, bound for the Lower Adriatic ports
The Kick-off Meeting of LASTING was held in Bari on 11 March 2021, at the headquarters of ASSET, the strategic agency of Puglia Region.
16 March 2022
LEC project, Local meeting in Tuzi to discuss Action Plans

On 16 March 2022 the Municipality of Tuzi, within the LEC project,  organized a local meeti

15 March 2022
LEC project, 2nd Local Workshop for the creation of the Mirabello LEC “MIRACER”
Mirabello Sannitico: on 15 March 2022 the signature of the LEC Agreement of the Stakeholders in the frame of LEC project.
Kotor photo
07 March 2022
3C project, Public Call for artists, authors and creators in cultural and creative fields
Public Call for the identification of artists, authors and creators in different cultural and creative fields, launched by 3C project.
tree- sustainable reduction of carbon
02 March 2022
SOLAR, press conference and kick-off meeting on 3 March in Bari
Towards a sustainable management of the airports of Puglia, Albania and Montenegro with the project SOLAR.
LEC project members photo
28 February 2022
LEC project, cross border meeting and third consortium meeting in Mirabello
The Cross border meeting to approve the LEC sustainable action plan and the third #LEC consortium meeting were held on 22 February 2022.
La cultura che fa impresa
21 February 2022
3C project, workshop “La Cultura che fa Impresa” on 23 February
The Molise Region will hold the workshop in the frame of 3C Project on 23 February 2022 at Palazzo Ex Gil in Campobasso.
Southern Adriatic coast photo
11 February 2022
LONETA workshop “Building cooperation on NETs in the Southern Adriatic” on 16 February
The workshop will be held in the frame of LONETA “Local opportunities for negative emission technologies and their application” project.