28 February 2019
Discovering Dhitech’s Ecosystem of Innovation
Project INERRAnT : meeting with the Konfindustria Shquiptare delegation on 28 February 2019 in Lecce (Italy).
28 February 2019
Confindustria Lecce / Konfindustria Shquiptare Agreement: best practice to be replicated
Project INERRAnT: operative meeting in Lecce between a delegation of partners of Confindustria Lecce and of Konfindustria Shquiptare.
26 February 2019
LASPEH, Tetrao Urogallos in the National Park “Tomorri Mountain”
Discovering habitats and species preserved by the LASPEH project: here is an insight on the Tetrao Urogallos.
darts target
26 February 2019
The Targeted Call for Proposals of the Italy-Albania-Montenegro Programme will be launched in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!
21 February 2019
SAGOV, the words of E. Mujevic Kara, Montenegrin Ministry of Transport and Maritime Affairs
Interview with Emina Mujevic Kara, Ministry of Transport and Maritime Affairs of Montenegro, partner of the SAGOV project
21 February 2019
SAGOV, Interview with Marius Toth, Romanian Embassy in Podgorica
The words of Mr. Marius Toth, Minister Counsellor at the Romanian Embassy in Podgorica
21 February 2019
SAGOV, Interview with Ardian Hackaj and Momcilo Radulovic
The words of Ardian Hackaj, Cooperation and Development Institute, and Momcilo Radulovic, European Movement in Montenegro.
21 February 2019
#DYNAMOB 2.0, second Steering Committee & Project Management Board Meeting
The second #DynaMob 2.0 Steering Committee & Project Meeting was held on 20 and 21 February in Budva, Montenegro.