16 May 2019
LASPEH, awareness campaign on Pseudo-steppe at Park of Coastal Dunes
Several students and stakeholders took part in the meeting to discuss about the concrete actions to preserve Pseudo-steppe habitat.
European cooperation day poster
13 May 2019
EUROPEAN COOPERATION DAY 2019, the video competition starts today!
The Italy-Albania-Montenegro programme organises an amateur video competition to celebrate European Cooperation Day 2019.
people at a meeting taking a picture
02 May 2019
INNOTOURCLUST, outcomes of the 2nd Coordination Meeting in Termoli
The outcomes of the second INNOTOURCLUST Coordination Meeting, organized on 15 April 2019 in Termoli, Italy
Bosnian pine
30 April 2019
LASPEH, the Bosnian Pine in the National Parks of Montenegro
LASPEH is developing a transnational strategy to preserve habitats and species in the Programme area. Here is an insight on the Bosnian Pine
17 April 2019
FLAT, meeting in Brindisi of the members of the Italian work group
Members of Italian work group of the project FLAT met in Brindisi to discuss the preparation of Risk Analysis on floods and landslides.
international call poster
16 April 2019
CIRCE, international call for the executive production of 9 episodes of a web series
A public call for the production of 9 episodes of a web series about the journey was released on 12 April and will expire on 27 May 2019.
project presentation
16 April 2019
INERRAnT at the Days of Promotion of Scientific Culture in Lecce, 2nd appointment
Students were hosted by DHITECH representatives who illustrated the main activities and projects of the District, including INERRAnT.
sea and boats
15 April 2019
CO.CO.TOUR, Cross Border Meeting from 17 to 19 April in Tricase
A cross border meeting will be held in Tricase (Italy) to define the “Co.Co.Tour” Eco museum model.