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23 December 2021
Our best wishes for happy holidays and a joyful new year.
21 December 2021
Joint Info day at Port of Bar – EnerNETMob and SuMo projects
Port of Bar organized a Joint Info Day on 21 December 2021 to present SuMo project and EnerNETMob project.
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16 December 2021
IT-AL-ME, eMS offline for maintenance
We temporarily put the eMS server offline for un urgent update of the system in order to protect it from a concrete risk of data breach.
16 December 2021
PORTS 4.0, B2B event for Maritime Freight Transport Operators on 22 December
The B2B event will be organized by the Albanian Institute of Transport in the framework of the PORTS 4.0 project.
15 December 2021
PORTS 4.0, B2B meeting for Maritime Passenger Transport & Tourism Operators on 17 December
The initiative, part of the PORTS 4.0 project, aims to accelerate the development of maritime tourism destinations in the Programme area.
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13 December 2021
LONETA B2B event: Working Table - NETs Advocacy & Dissemination for Public Administrations
The LONETA B2B event will be held on 14 December 2021 in Ulcinji (Montenegro), both in presence and online.
13 December 2021
REGLPORTS, Final Conference on 14 December in Tirana
Within the frame of REGLPORTS project, a Final Conference will be organized to illustrate the project achievements, results and outputs.
13 December 2021
SKEYE, Incoming mission: Albanian industry delegation visits Apulia Region
The SKEYE incoming mission “Albanian industry delegation visits Apulia Region” will be held on 14 December 2021.