13 March 2019
Proud to be on cutting edge with simplified costs!

Just a few days before the launch of the Targeted Call for proposals of the Italy-Albania-Montenegro Programme; in the meantime the Programme sets high standards for the implementation of Small Scale Projects. 

The characteristics of the Small Scale Projects were presented during the INTERACT meeting ‘Always start in Small!’ held on 30 and 31 January in Prague (Czech Republic). In particular, a Joint Secretariat Officer presented  the methodology developed for the definition of simplified costs, i.e. Lump Sums that will be used in Small Scale Projects in the upcoming Targeted Call. All participants, including representatives of 23 Interreg Programmes and of the European Commission, expressed great interest in this topic. 

The typology of call, and the methodology used for simplified costs, is a pioneer one; unique for the Interreg Programmes using SCO’s. And the Managing Authority of the Italy-Albania-Montenegro Programme is really proud to be on cutting edge with simplified costs!

Simplification is not only a buzz-word in our Small Scale Projects, we really mean it. The focus is not on collecting and checking thousands of invoices, bus tickets, etc. We want to see concrete outputs and this means no financial reporting for our beneficiaries of the Small Scale Projects, but only real project delivery.