07 June 2021
TOURNEE, final event on 10 June, with theatre play dedicated to our Programme

Preparations are underway for the final event of the "TOURNEE - Theatres For Tourism Development In Europe" Project, funded by the Interreg IPA CBC Italy-Albania-Montenegro Programme, which provides for cooperation between the Municipality of Barletta, two Albanian municipalities, Fier (Lead Partner) and Tirana, and the Grad Theatre City Budva in Montenegro. Associate Partner: the Municipality of Budva in Montenegro.

The Final Event of the TOURNEE Project will be held on 10 June 2021 from 19:30 to 23:00 in the beautiful setting of the Curci Theatre in Barletta, organized by the Municipality of Barletta and the Municipality of Fier, in collaboration with the Managing Authority of the Interreg IPA CBC Italy-Albania-Montenegro Programme.

The Final Event, attended by the Authorities of the four countries involved in the Programme (Puglia, Molise, Albania and Montenegro), as well as by the Partners of the TOURNEE Project, will be an important moment for disseminating the results of the project and at the same time an opportunity to illustrate the results achieved by the Italy-Albania-Montenegro Programme and present the upcoming 2021-2027 programming.

The event includes two live performances, an original Apulian theatrical production dedicated to the "story" of the Italy-Albania-Montenegro Programme, an opera concert by the Municipality of Fier with the Magna Grecia Orchestra of Taranto, and a photographic exhibition "Not only Apolonia" dedicated to the natural and cultural heritage of the Fier Region, set up in the foyer of the Curci Theatre.

The event will take place in full compliance with anti-covid regulations, thus providing for a limited number of participants in the theatre.

Below is the schedule of the evening: 

  • h 20:00 - Inauguration of the photographic exhibition "Not only Apollonia", curated by Arben Alliaj, production of the Municipality of Fier (Albania), Lead Partner of the TOURNEE project.
  • h 20:30 – Welcome remarks by the Authorities
  • h 21:00 – Theatre play "Trentadue remi" (Thirty-two oars) written, directed and performed by Savino Italiano and Francesco Tammacco for the theater companies "I Nuovi Scalzi" and "Il Carro dei Comici", musicians Cosimo Caggia and Pasquale Caló, produced by the Municipality of Barletta.
  • h 21:45 - opera concert with Josif Gjipali (tenor), Kastriot Tusha (tenor), Marjana Leka (soprano) and the Magna Grecia Orchestra, conducted by Pietro Romano, directed by Milto Kutali, produced by the Municipality of Fier.

The overall objective of TOURNEE has been to establish closer cooperation between the main actors of the theater sector, creating a permanent group of theatrical institutions in the project, which involved cross-border expert in theatrical productions, territorial marketing, management of cultural heritage and strategic tourism policies, in the creation of innovative cultural products to strengthen the enhancement of tourist destinations in the territories involved in the project.