18 November 2020
Waiting for the FOOD4HEALTH Community Lab: voices and faces from the Tricase pilot area

On the occasion of the "Cross-border meeting for the exchange and transfer of knowledge of the best practices identified", held online on July 15, 2020 between the project partners and their external experts, CIHEAM Bari has created and presented a short video to remedy the lack of personal meeting and to present to the partnership the pilot area of the Puglia Region, Tricase, and its local actors, a dynamic area from the point of view of young entrepreneurs in the agri-food and fishing sector.

In this video, some of the local actors were interviewed and all of them underline the importance of the actions of the FOOD4HEALTH project for their productions, not only for processing their products but also to improve their competitiveness on the national and international market, strengthen the local production system through innovative solutions and the sharing of techniques and standards, and enhance the supply chains of typical and traditional products.

In the video there are also some images from Tricase and his Port Museum and the interviews to Maurizio Raeli director of CIHEAM Bari and Felice Ungaro, Director of the Department Health Market Place, Puglia Region that talk about the project and the related initiatives, very important especially in this historical period in which the link between food, health and wellness is strong.

At the end, Vito Ferramosca,  director of the Municipality of Tricase’s Public Work office, illustrates the reuse of the former municipal slaughterhouse, describing through the images the current situation of the structure and the simulation of the project up to the realization of the FOOD4HEALTH Community Lab, an innovative model suitable equipped, with shared location and available to the community of Tricase, in which local SMEs will be able to learn processing and transformation techniques of their primary products in compliance with the standards identified during the project's intangible activities and compliant with EU regulations.