water, poster
21 November 2022
CrossWater International Conference in Bari from 22 to 25 November
The CrossWater International Conference is a large thematic event on Water Integrated Management System.
21 November 2022
LEC, pilot project in the High Mixed School “25th May“ in Tuzi
LEC project organizes an event in Tuzi to present the local energy conversion plan for the pilot project in High Mixed School “25th May“.
Monitor, meeting
18 November 2022
PHASE, Telemedicine for de-hospitalisation and support for territorial continuity
The outcomes of the accredited training events organized by the Policlinico di Bari on the subject of e-health and telemedicine.
18 November 2022
SME BE SMART, B2B meetings to enhance SMEs cooperation, on 22-23 November in Albania
B2B cross-border meetings will be held on 22-23 November 2022 in Albania between Albanian, Italian and Montenegrin economic operators.
group photo
18 November 2022
HISTEK PLUS, event in Bari on 15 and 16 November
Organization of a technical table to raise the awareness of Ministries about the opportunity to set up the new CB 5th level EQF curriculum.
firefighters, fire truck
17 November 2022
TO BE READY, Capacity building for fire frisk & floods equipment
New equipment for 6 municipalities donated by the Albanian Ministry of Defense& National Agency for Civil Protection.
16 November 2022
SME BE SMART, Incoming mission in Albania on 22-23 November with focus on Blue Economy
Incoming mission in Albania, of Italian and Montenegrin economic operators, organised as part of the SME BE SMART project.
15 November 2022
WELLNESS, Corporate Welfare as tool for digital transformation, on 17 November in Lecce
Confindustria Lecce organizes a day of in-depth study on welfare as a tool for improving corporate climate and well-being of employees.