CIRCE Training Week poster
23 March 2021
CIRCE Training Week “The Film Production and Distribution in the international scenario”
In the frame of the CIRCE, Apulia Film Commission and Kraken Lab present 5 workshops for partners and all those interested in the subject.
Meeting call
22 March 2021
INTERACT 4.0, Third Steering Committee meeting held online
The third steering committee meeting of all project partners of inTERact 4.0 project was held online on 12 March 2021.
17 March 2021
PHASE, promoting e-Health in cross-border areas by stimulating local economies
PHASE project will propose a complete shift in the traditional paradigm of the healthcare system in Italy, Albania and Montenegro.
Small Scale Projects slide
17 March 2021
Training for Small Scale Projects, webinar on 19 March 2021
An online seminar wil be held on 19 March 2021 (h. 11:00 / 13:00), targeted to all project partners of the Small Scale Projects
audiovisual operator
11 March 2021
CIRCE, improve your digital skills with a cross-border CINELAB!
Molise Region organizes a virtual CINELAB, to improve the digital skills of the audiovisual operators from Montenegro, Albania and Italy.
phase logos
11 March 2021
PHASE, Medical informatics: a chance for the Montenegrin economy
Montenegrin companies in the ICT sector could find a niche for further development in medical informatics.
11 March 2021
BRE, INFOPOINTS for companies began their operation in Montenegro
The Chamber of Economy of Montenegro established a dedicated corner with the aim to support SMEs requirements directly in several areas.
Meeting call
05 March 2021
REGLPORTS, Webinar with discussion about the project on 5 March 2021
Webinar with discussion about the project REGLPORTS - Nautical Tourism Development and Promotion of Regional Ports.