25 November 2021
CAVES seminar “Management and conservation of tourist caves” on 27 November
A seminar to exchange best practices about protection and enhancement of tourist caves held at the Caves of Castellana in Puglia.
24 November 2021
IT-AL-ME, workshop on Programme procedures and PRAG rules on 25 November in Montenegro
The Office for European Integration of Montenegro is organising a workshop for Targeted Call for Proposal beneficiaries on 25 November 2021
incoming event poster
15 November 2021
ECSYT, incoming event in Albania: study visit on 23 and workshop on 24 November
A study visit and a workshop will be held in the frame of ECSYT projects, to create more efficient management of transport connections.
15 November 2021
Italy-Albania-Montenegro 2021-27: S.E.A. SCREENING
Information about S.E.A. screening activities carried out by Programme authorities and external evaluator.
09 November 2021
Friend4Family project, Great success for the Final Conference in Puglia
The Final Conference of Friends4Familyproject took place on 6 November 2021 in Veglie (Puglia) at the premises of the GAL Terra d'Arneo.
event poster
08 November 2021
PORTS 4.0, Networking event in Transport and Logistics 4.0 on 15 November
The “Networking event in Transport and Logistics 4.0 – Competitiveness and Sustainability” will be held in the frame of PORTS 4.0 project.
05 November 2021
SMART ADRIA Blue Growth, from 8 to 12 November study visit in Albania
The study visit is organized by the Union of Chambers of Commerce and Industry in Albania and the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs.
group photo
04 November 2021
FRIENDS4FAMILY project, Final Conference in Puglia on 6 November
The Final Conference of the FRIENDS4FAMILY project will be held in Veglie (Puglia) at the premises of the GAL Terra d'Arneo.