17 September 2021
SESC project, B2B meeting on Smart Energy trend – Albania Case
A B2B meeting on smart energy trend – Albania case was held in Vlore, Albania, on 16 and 17 September 2021.
15 September 2021
Cross-border workshop in Tirana to share and define the final LEC model
On 15 September 2021 a cross-border workshop was held within the project LEC in Tirana to share and define the final LEC model.
logos, text: workshop on dissemination of european measures for shared and sustainable renewable energy,  plant growing in a bubble
14 September 2021
First workshop of DE-RESS small project on 16 September in Tirana
The workshop "Dissemination of European measures for shared and sustainable renewable energy" will be held on 16 September 2021 in Tirana.
12 September 2021
CASTER Project, workshop in Montenegro on innovative strategies for sailing tourism
On Saturday 11 September 2021, the third event of the CASTER project took place in Herceg Novi, Montenegro.
09 September 2021
CAVES workshop on 11 and 12 September at Masseria Pilano in Crispiano.
The workshop introduces you to good practices when visiting karst environments, sustainable tours, protection of caves and knowledge.
group photo
08 September 2021
Santeramo, capital of transnational sports tourism with the European project “CASTER”
On 3 and 4 September 2021, the launch conference of the CASTER project was held in Santeramo in Colle (IT).
Municipality visit
31 August 2021
LEC project, pilot action of the Municipality of Tuzi in the High Mixed School “25 May”
Works were implemented by the Municipality of Tuzi within LEC Project in the High Mixed School “25 May” in Tuzi.
people watch a show
09 August 2021
NETFOLK project successfully completed with a workshop on Folk Music
The workshop “Adriatic Cultural Bridge: Century-long bond between the Folk Music in Italy, Albania and Montenegro" was held on 31 July 2021.