22 November 2022
RE-SOURCES, workshop on Renewable Energy Strategies in Albania

The workshop "Renewable Energy Strategies in Albania" was held on November 11, 2022, in the Palace of Congresses, Tirana, in the framework of the project “Re-sources - Renewable Energy for the Optimization of Resources in Industrial Areas”. Its main objective was to serve as a broad communication platform between the main actors, including institutions, public and private companies, associations of the energy, construction and green economy sectors in the country and in the region.

During the workshop, numerous speakers and representatives of the public and private sector from leading companies in the country and abroad, especially from Italy and the region, reflected their direct experiences in this sector. This event evidenced an increased attention from the business community along the entire energy cycle in all its sub-sectors, such as renewable energy, efficiency in energy and buildings, technologies, etc. Currently, it seems that the issues related to the price crisis in the energy sector and the restrictions imposed by the course measures, make it more necessary than ever to establish partnerships by cultivating cross-sector cooperation for new and innovative technologies, products, services and solutions, in facing new challenges. Above all, it is evident the need for a planned and comprehensive long-term approach in energy projects and business partnerships. In this regard, the current reality is marking the transition to a new historical stage, which opens endless possibilities to be put into practice. 

As a matter of fact, the country is facing a market characterized by the energy supply deregulation and the development of trading alternative energy sources and relative certificates. A development that allows thinking about projects that match the interests of the most popular companies, that promote more sustainability. 

The workshop started at 10:20 after the registration of around 100 participants. The opening remarks were made by the President of ASI Brindisi Mr. Vittorio Rina, the Vice Minister of Energy and Infrastructure of Albania Mr. Gjergji Simaku, the General Director of Strategic Project in the Municipality of Tirana Mr. Genc Kojdheli and Mr. Mauro Novello, JS Interreg IPA-CBC. 

The workshop was organized in five different sections, each one of these emphasizing different topics such as: Stakeholders in Albania. National regulatory framework for renewable energy with the participation of Gjergj Simaku, Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy who presented the NECP vs Renewables in Albania, Mrs. Anita Shushku, Chairmen of Albanian Renewable Energy Association, Mr. Angelo Raffaele Colucci, DiTNE, Distretto Tecnologico Nazionale. 

The second session was dedicated to public companies in Albania and the energy market. We welcomed in this session Mr. Skerdi Drenova, Executive Director of Transmission System Operator in Albania and Mr. Erlin Uznova and Mr. Ardijan Dedja from the General Directorate of Policy and Development for Industry and Energy. The third session was held by business representatives putting emphasis in the photovoltaics market in Albania and the fourth one about the big projects in Albania such as Voltalia and Eurolines. Mr. Constantin Von Alvensblen, CEO of Voltalia and Mr. Mergim Byberi, CEO of Eurolines introduced their perspective in the Albanian market as a huge opportunity in the sector. The last section was dedicated to the financing opportunities in the renewable energy sector. There were invited representatives from ProCredit Bank as a pioneer in this regard and from NOA as a financial institution with impact in the sector as well.