rock, sunrays
06 March 2023
ADRINET workshop “Risk management in the fishing areas” on 16 March in Bari
The workshop is organized by the University of Bari as part of the capitalisation activities of the project ADRINET.
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03 March 2023
FOOD4HEALTH, Kick-off on 6 March of the international training course 'Digital SKILL'
Kick-off event on 6 March 2023 of the international advanced training course “Digital SKILL”, organised within the project FOOD4HEALTH.
27 February 2023
IT-AL-ME, School mural in Bar stands as a symbol of European unity and diversity
A mural dedicated to European territorial cooperation was inaugurated on 21 February 2023 in Bar, with support of the IT-AL-ME Programme.
24 February 2023
EBIT project, B2B Meeting TUTOR - efficienT bUsinesses neTwOrking experience first
The B2B Meeting TUTOR - efficienT bUsinesses neTwOrking experiencefirst” will take place on 24 February 2023 in Tirana.
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24 February 2023
CIRCE capitalisation actions in Kotor from 27 February to 1 March
The results of CIRCE project will be capitalised through workshops and B2B meetings being held in Kotor.
22 February 2023
Journey into the taste of the SMART ADRIA project, third stage in Molise
Third stage in Termoli of the SMART ADRIA journey through the gastronomic traditions of the two shores of the Adriatic Sea.
17 February 2023
BRE capitalisation project, SME platform as a pivot for needs assessment
The seminar “SME platform as a pivot for needs assessment” was carried out on 16 February 2023, in Tirana, Albania.
fish, almonds
13 February 2023
The flavours of the SMART ADRIA project, filming in Albania and Montenegro
Albania and Montenegro start the filming of the journey in the flavours of the SMART ADRIA project.